Experienced Arbitrator

In dispute with someone, you may use arbitration to resolve your disputes out of court, quickly and inexpensively. Attorney Rajeev Madnawat is an experienced arbitrator and can help you resolve your dispute, if both parties submit to arbitration.

Arbitration process is simple and quick. Most small matters are resolved in one short hearing. The process involves preparing evidence and witnesses (if needed) and filing arbitration briefs. I, as an arbitrator, will then setup a mutually convenient date for a private hearing and will render a judgement a few days afterwards. The arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

Both parties will save thousands in attorney fees and cost by using the arbitration process.

If you are represented, discuss the option of going to a private arbitration with your attorney.

Note: Attorney Madnawat and Madnawat Law Office will not be acting as your attorney. In stead, he will be a neutral trier of facts.