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Practice Areas

Firm handles complex legal issues and litigations in state and federal courts.

Personal Injury Law

Auto accidents, slip/fall, work place accidents, dog bites, bug bites, etc..

Contact us if you are injured in any type of accident. ​Contigency fee representations available in selected cases.

Employment Law

Employment discrimination, back wages, harrassment, overtime, dangerous work conditions, etc.

Come for a consultation if you believe you are being discriminated or harrassed at your workplace.​

Divorce/Child Custody

Firm handles matters related to family law including divorce, custody, property disputes, alimony, child support, injunctions, etc.

Come for a free consultation related to any family law issue. ​

Civil/Business Disputes

Contract disputes, partnership disputes, small business ownership disputes, lawsuit (or defending) against others for product defects, habitability, negligence, nuisance, harrassment, real estate, etc.

Come for a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case.​

Bankruptcy/Estate Planning

Firm handles various types of personal (Chapter 7 and 13) and business bankruptcies and estate planning including living trusts. Estate Planning Intake Form

Come for a free consultation.​

IP Law

Firm handles matters related to Intellectual Property Law including trademarks, trademark opposition/defense, litigation, patents, etc.

Call us for a free consultaion. ​

Other Practice Areas

Estate Planning/Living Trusts
Eviction Services
Small Business Legal Services
Small Claims Court Legal Help
Mediation/Arbitration Serivce

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